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Nov 29, 2009

Chemistry in the Pulp and Paper Industry

21 - 22 December 2009
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
The event format: lectures, presentations, Round Table, information, know-how and experience exchange.
Target audience: technical directors, chief engineers, chief technologists, chief experts in metrology, experts of central laboratories and technical inspection departments, experts of research laboratories of enterprises, technologists, management and experts of instrumentation and automation services, specialists of chemical laboratories, experts in water treatment, ecologists.
The following issues are suggested to be discussed at the Conference:
1. Main directions in development of chemical processes in the pulp and paper industry.
2. Wet End chemistry – new factors and appropriate estimation methods.
3. Secondary fiber deinking and bleaching with up-to-date chemicals.
4. Modern trends in surface treatment.
5. Some aspects of nanotechnologies in the pulp and paper industry.
6. Higher efficiency of chemical aids (with the use of dosing and control systems in particular).
7. Experience in introduction of new chemicals and technologies at pulp and paper mills.
The Registration Fee: 350 €.

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