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Feb 29, 2016

Fluorescent Pigment Dyeing

 These days garment dyeing has been very common and very attractive to entrepreneurs. The major supporting bars are low investment, Variety of color and wash down effect, which can be achieved through same machinery with change of Dyes/Chemicals and processes. There is no limit to what can be achieved with this techniques.

Normally bleached twill/Knit with and without Lycra is procured/purchased and stitched in house to make garments. Woven twill for bottom wear and Knits for making T-Shirts and Hoodies.

These articles are then loaded to machines. Two kinds of machinery which is very famous here in this part of World is either Barrel Machine or Front Loading Machine.

Front loading machines have become very popular. As these are more controllable and can be programed to start/stop, In take chemicals, Dose/Inject and KMNO4 can be sprayed to garments. Sometime called Batik Effect. These are of course expensive compared to barrel machines. Major brand is Tonello Machinery.

Whereas with Barrel machines manual temperature and chemicals dosages are controlled. Chinese barrel machine suppliers have embedded automatic system in these machines also. With these atomization these can also control Temperature and PH and can perform several other important tasks.

Most of the textile dyer avoid pigment dyeing as according to them it would be difficult to wash off remains of binder on the machine but those days are gone. With today technology and available polymers it’s not a issue at all. We have done some working with different chemicals to show you the quality of levelness and shade which can be achieved with new performance dyes and chemicals.

 Today in pigment dyeing, top of the list is Fluorescent pigment dyeing. One can achieve excellent levelness and great results.

Procedure for Pigment Dyeing.

First Step:        Hot wash to remove Detergent and Impurities.

Second Step:    Cat ionize with Indosol GIF Liq

Third step        pigment and Binder Insertion in same bath.

Fourth Step      Super Soft Finish

Archroma offering Printofix FC range for these effect and complete package of cationizing and Soft binder.

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